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Optimal Brain and General Health

A friend of mine was recently at a Health and Wellbeing conference at Stanford University. She was so impressed with the amount of science that backed up the following recommendations the presenter made that she emailed me the summary. Based on what I know, it was so spot on, I felt it was worth sharing with you! I’ll warn you, there are no “magic” things to try. It’s not sexy. It’s just making good choices all day. By consistently choosing to do the below items regularly, you are much more likely to maintain optimal brain health and general health.
Here you go……..

    -Mostly plant-based organic diet
    -One hour daily diverse exercise 5 x a week (aerobic, weight training, stretching, yoga)
    -Social support
    -Strong positive beliefs and attitudes, including joy and gratitude
    -Spiritual practice including meditation
    -Plenty of filtered water
    -Work life balance
    -3 small regular meals with a 12 hour fast overnight
    -Good probiotics occasionally

Every day, all day, make good choices.
Cheers! 💜
Dr Coates